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Boy Out of the Country - Intro Shot
A play infused with the vitality of Aussie Idiom and melodrama that crackles with understatement and wit
The story develops like a watercolour painting, adding depth and colour in subtle layers that slowly reveal a more intricate picture in a wholly gratifying way. It is sharp, canny and astute, but it is also very funny
Fusing high drama with laugh-out-loud comedy 'Boy out of the Country' is a solid evening's entertainment
- Theatre People
Touching, funny, raw, bittersweet, the play is at once uniquely Australian and thematically universal
Unpredictable and thought-provoking, 'Boy out of the Country' is definitely the show to see if you are planning a night out over the next few weeks, and looking for something a little out of the ordinary
Boy out of the Country' is an Australian 'poem' that deserves a place in our literary lexicon
A play that welds together the theatrical with the literary, leaving you lost in your own imagination.
Takes the verse style of Banjo Paterson, dusts it off, gives it a polish and then uses it to tell a story any modern Australian would be hard pressed not to enjoy!
- William McInnes