Tech Specs

Technical Aspects and Additional Information

Boy Out of the Country - Intro Shot

Technical Notes

Can be adapted for proscenium arch or end stage configuration. Works best when there is good proximity and connection between cast and audience. (for example if there is a pit it would be good if it were covered as a forestage).

With a bit of planning the show could be done in a found space or in an unusual configuration. This production benefits from a non-formal surrounding.

Set Design Gallery

Stage and Set Requirements

Bump-in Time 4.5 Hours
Bump-out Time 2.0 Hours
Lighting Requirements Can generally work with standard rig in cold and warm, plus downstage sidelight corridor. 10-12 specials, plus a possible 4 toured pracs
Minimum stage width 8m negotiable
Minimum stage depth 8m negotiable
Fly system Flybar to hang 2 pracs downstage only if possible

Wardrobe Requirements

Dressing / makeup rooms 2

Crewing Requirements

Bump In

Lighting 1 crew for 4 hours
Staging 1 crew for 1 hours
Performance Lighting lighting operator required to operate venue desk- show call 3 hours

Bump Out

Lighting 1 crew for 2 hours
Staging 1 crew for 1 hour

Set Specifications and Dimensions